Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption

Global EVRT is committed to accelerating electric vehicle adoption for the creation of smart and sustainable societies. 

We understand that electric vehicle technology is ready to be adopted by societies worldwide, and is integral to the creation of a smart and sustainable future that we want to help shape.

We therefore create a platform for the latest information in the electric vehicle industry to be shared. This allows experts to further learn and network in order to grow their business, whilst the public who we engage are educated in order to facilitate their ability to make the right buying decisions on electric mobility.

We do this through exciting and engaging e-mobility conferences, showcasing events and long-distance electric vehicle road trips. Our conferences primarily give a space for industry to learn and share, our road trips initially engage the public with new technology whilst demonstrating its capabilities, and our showcasing events allow industry to interact directly with consumers.

There are many ways you can join our electric adventure, whether you’d like to sponsor our events, attend our conferences or join us for an epic road trip please do get in touch: