Zachary Shahan

Zachary Shahan

Director and editor of CleanTechnica

Zach is the director and editor of, and He’s also president of Important Media, which is the parent network to CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, Solar Love, and 10 other progressive media sites. Zach has been referenced, interviewed by, or published in The New York TimesThe Washington Post, the Chicago TribuneCNBCReuters, and numerous other news outlets and websites. He has also given presentations, provided workshops, and moderated panels at clean energy and electric vehicle conferences in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, India, and the UAE. In 2013, Zach was named one of the top 20 influencers on fuel economy matters alongside President Obama, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, the US Secretary of Energy, Nissan & Renault Chairman & CEO Carlos Ghosn, GM’s CEO and president, and several other car company execs as well as a few leading auto journalists.

Electric ​Vehicle ​Charging ​Infrastructure: ​What ​is ​the ​best ​fit ​for ​the UAE ​and ​GCC?

World Future Energy Summit

(Presentations ​& ​Panel ​Discussion) Is ​infrastructure ​a ​necessary ​precondition ​to ​electric ​vehicle ​uptake ​in ​the ​UAE and ​GCC? ​Drawing ​on ​experiences ​from ​the ​UAE ​and ​cities ​across ​the ​world, ​the panel ​will ​examine: What ​technologies ​and ​business ​models ​exist ​to ​scale ​charging ​infrastructure? How ​much ​is ​being ​spent ​currently ​and ​who’s ​providing ​investment ​and expertise? […]